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US Navy Upgrades Growler Electronics Jammer Contract

The US Naval Air Systems Command has modified a Raytheon contract to deliver five Next-Generation Jammer-Mid Band pods for the EA-18G Growler electronic attack aircraft.

The $226.7 million contract adds two more pods to the original deal, awarded in July last year to replace the Growler’s ALQ-99 tactical jammers. The contract runs through September 2024.

Advanced Jammer 

The new Active Electronically Scanned Array jammer uses “high power-jamming energy” to identify and defeat adversaries in highly contested electromagnetic spectrum environments. Its digital and software-based tech “increases the ability to jam and allows for rapid beam steering and advanced jammer modulation.”

According to the developer, the advanced jammer operates at a significantly enhanced range and can attack multiple targets simultaneously. 

Because of NGJ-MB’s increased jamming capabilities, the EA-18G Growler can operate in more optimum locations to support both strike aircraft and weapons.Image: Raytheon Intelligence & Space

Counters Evolving Threats

The system’s modular open architecture allows future upgrades to counter evolving sensing and jamming technologies. Its field modification kit enables a variety of missions, including the ability to be fitted onto other platforms.

The Next Generation Jammer System is a joint program between the US Department of Defense and the Australian Ministry of Defence to defeat advanced and emerging threats in mid, low, and high-frequency bands of the electromagnetic spectrum.


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