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China’s Xi Orders Creation of Elite Force to ‘Fight, Win Wars’

Chinese President Xi Jinping has issued a new military order to create an elite force that can “fight and win wars.”

The order has been made amid increasing warnings from the US and other nations regarding the Asian country’s increasing military activities near Taiwan and over the South China Sea.

Xi stated that the Chinese armed forces must closely follow the evolution of technology, warfare, and rivals and double its efforts in effectively combining training with a wide variety of combat operations.

The president also seeks improvement in systematic military exercises and technologies in developing an elite force to overcome potential conflicts.

According to Xi, all Chinese officers and soldiers must uphold the spirit of fearing neither death nor hardship and facilitate training in a “vigorous, well-designed, and safe” manner to boost their fighting capability.

While the new elite force is set to be created, the order stipulates that the armed forces must consider the changing landscape of national security and combat circumstances.

Chinese soldiers
People’s Liberation Army soldiers march to their barracks on February 24, 2020. Photo: Greg Baker/AFP

Technology Advances

Xi’s order to bolster the use of technology in military applications comes as China continues to invest in state-of-the-art weaponry to confront increasing threats.

Last month, several Chinese scientists built a critical hypersonic weapon engine component using a method that they believe will allow faster weapons manufacturing.

The country is also allegedly weaponizing biotechnology and developing “brain-control weaponry” for potential offensive use, according to US counterintelligence officials.

The People’s Liberation Army stunned many nations in November after conducting a high-speed missile launch that tested Beijing’s capability to deploy the advanced technology in combat.

“The recent tests constitute a great leap forward for China in terms of technology,” China military expert Niklas Swanstrom explained.

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