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UK Firm to Provide Surveillance Training to Latvian Air Force

The Latvian Air Force has contracted UK-based defense training provider Inzpire Limited to deliver a five-week intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) training to its personnel.

Under the contract, the Latvian Air Force will study an adapted version of the company’s unmanned air systems (UAS) and remotely piloted air systems strategies, modified to suit the customer’s requirements.

The training will include local area mission planning tasks and cover vital ISR principles to help in mission preparation and tactical deployment of unmanned systems.

Both live-flying and classroom-based training will take place in support of the country’s procurement of a new ISR platform.

Gaining a Decisive Advantage

Inzpire ISR division head Andy Bain explained that the newly-signed contract serves as a “fantastic opportunity” to expand the company’s business interests in the European region.

The potential exists for an alliance with NATO members and assistance for armed forces in Eastern countries to prepare for potential conflict and manage the protection of critical national infrastructures.

Bain stated that the training would enhance Latvia’s defense response against evolving security threats and challenges in Europe.

“Inzpire’s inclusive UAS and ISR training will enable the [Latvian Air Force] to further develop their own indigenous ISR capability and decisively manage and integrate their UAS into the NATO Joint ISR system,” Bain remarked.


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