USAF Awards Canadian Firm $70M Gunship Sensor Contract

The US Air Force has awarded a $70 million fixed-price contract to Canadian Commercial Corporation to extend its logistics support for the service’s electro-optical infrared sensors.

The contract would require the company to provide field-level repair, troubleshooting, and operator familiarization training services for the sensor system developed by L3Harris Technologies.

According to the company, the MX series of electro-optical infrared sensors provides stabilized imaging solutions over multiple wavebands, ensuring day and night imaging capability even in adverse weather conditions.

The system can reportedly be integrated with auxiliary components such as moving maps, digital downlink systems, slaved searchlights, and mission computers. For the US Air Force, the electro-optical infrared sensor is integrated into the AC-130 gunship fleet.

“Size, weight and power requirements are a key variable in choosing the best system to fit your mission portfolio,” L3Harris said on its website. “MX systems continue to leverage advancements in diverse optical, sensing, and processing technologies — resulting in the best performance per pound and best-in-class imagery.”

Work for the contract will be performed in Florida and New Mexico. It is expected to be complete by December 2028.

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