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Russia Developing Drones Chargeable From Power Lines

Russian military scientists are working on a drone design that is chargeable from power lines, RIA Novosti revealed, citing the project abstract.

The Tyumen Higher Military Engineering Command School invention proposes a multi-copter (more than two rotors) drone with a “disconnectable circular magnetic circuit – current clamps, with which the drone will hook on the power line for recharging,” the outlet added, citing the project document.

How It Charges

The drone remote operator attaches the craft’s current clamp to a power line for electrical charging. The vehicle’s camera continues to function, adjusting its position while the craft is in an inverted position being charged. 

Once it is fully charged, the engine restarts, and the current clamp is disconnected from the electrical wire. The aircraft then reverts to its original position and flies off.

The capability to charge en route will add crucial extra miles to the drone’s range, increasing the Russian military’s reconnaissance capability. The military is currently constrained by the limited range of its small drones, which are employed to reconnoiter enemy territory.

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