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Israel’s UVision to Produce HERO Loitering Munitions in US

Israeli defense technology firm UVision is expanding its operations in the US by manufacturing more of its HERO series of loitering munitions at a new production facility in Virginia.

The company explained that the new facility would fulfill future military contracts with the US government and international customers since it foresees rising demand for its HERO weapon system.

According to UVision USA chief executive officer Jim Traxel, the opening of the new production facility marks an essential step in the company’s expansion efforts since it will allow UVision to connect more easily with potential customers.

Built on an area of 2,320 square meters, the facility will reportedly provide the defense firm “access to a large pool of quality talent” that aligns with its strategic growth goals and supports deepened commitment to clients.

“UVision USA will be active in the local community, and we plan to network with the Commonwealth’s academic institutions and local businesses that can supply services and materials for the production of the HERO family of loitering munitions,” Traxel said.

The company disclosed that the manufacture of its loitering munitions at the new facility will begin in mid-2022.

HERO Loitering Munitions

The HERO series of loitering munitions is an innovative electro-optical guided system capable of locating, tracking, and striking static and moving targets.

UVision said that the weapon system has proven effective against many targets due to its large, multi-purpose warhead, precision strike capabilities, and extended endurance.

The HERO series consists of eight loitering munition systems designed for different missions at various ranges. It is also reportedly the fastest sensor-to-shooter loitering munition that enables the military to independently locate and attack time-sensitive targets.

The system is designed to carry out strikes in urban areas or remote locations with minimal collateral damage. Each munition can destroy enemy assets such as light-duty vehicles, main battle tanks, and enemy air defenses.

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