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India Test Fires Supersonic Missile-Assisted Torpedo 

India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) test-launched a supersonic missile-assisted torpedo system this week, greatly extending the munition’s range.

The launch demonstrated the canisterised missile’s “full range capability, monitored by the electro-optic telemetry system, various range radars, including the down range instrumentation and down range ships,” the state-run defense research organization reported.

Ejects Parachuted Torpedo Near Target

Indian news outlet The Times of India, citing a DRDO official, wrote that the “medium-range” delivery system, which “carries a torpedo, a parachute and a release mechanism,” is designed to enhance the Indian Navy’s anti-submarine warfare capabilities. 

According to the daily, the missile, which is powered by two-stage solid propulsion and includes electro-mechanical actuators and precision inertial navigation, ejects the parachuted torpedo near the intended target, increasing its 20-40 km (12-25 mi) strike range.

The outlet added that several DRDO laboratories collaborated to develop the system’s various technologies “while the industry participated in the development and production of various sub-systems.”


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