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Indian Army Receives Anti-Drone Systems, Military Hardware

The Indian army has taken delivery of locally-produced military hardware, including anti-drone systems, smart air-launched weapons, and an advanced radar countermeasure system from the Defence Research and Development Organisation.

The delivery of indigenous military equipment improves the country’s defense capabilities while developing the local arms manufacturing sector.

Anti-drone systems the Indian military has recently received include “soft kill” and “hard kill” options to tackle new and evolving aerial threats, according to a report by the Hindustan Times.

The smart anti-airfield weapon handed over to the Indian army enables the targeting of enemy airfield assets such as radars, bunkers, taxiways, and runways from a distance of up to 100 kilometers (62 miles).

In addition to cutting-edge military hardware, the Indian Defence Ministry will soon deliver coastal surveillance radar to the military. A transfer of technology agreement has been signed with seven public and private defense firms to develop the equipment.

More Technological Advancements

India has been taking steps to boost local armament production, crafting a list of 209 weapons and systems that cannot be imported. The Asian nation has also allocated a separate budget to purchase the indigenous equipment.

Indian defense minister Rajnath Singh has revealed that the country is now focusing on developing hypersonic missiles.

The first stages of development for the ultra-modern weapon, which travels six times the speed of sound, reportedly began last year. The country is also set to develop hypersonic cruise missiles powered by air-breathing scramjet engines within four years.


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