Russian Kornet Anti-Tank Missile Designed for all Vehicles

Russia’s new Kornet-EM anti-tank missile system has been designed to be mounted on any military vehicle, Rostec’s High Precision Weapons Company official Sergey Mikhailov told state-owned TASS.

The weapon system has a flexible structure that allows it to be integrated into next-generation vehicles.

Mikhailov revealed that up to four missiles of the Kornet-EM system can be mounted on a combat vehicle’s telescopic masts, enabling high precision strikes on enemy tanks.

He explained that the weapon is a “universal” anti-tank missile system because of its adaptability to any tracked or wheeled chassis.

Additional Capabilities

Developed by JSC Instrument Design Bureau, the Kornet-EM is a multi-purpose anti-tank guided missile system capable of destroying advanced tanks, including those with explosive reactive armor.

The weapon system fires the 9М133М-2 anti-tank guided missile, which travels at 300 meters (984 feet) per second and can engage targets between 150 meters (492 feet) and 8,000 meters (26,000 feet) away.

The Kornet’s vehicle-mounted version also features improved strike accuracy because of higher sight channel magnification with the addition of 12x and 20x fields of view.

‘Most Popular With Foreign Customers’

Director of Russia’s Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation Dmitry Shugayev revealed that some of the country’s state-of-the-art weapon systems have gained popularity with foreign customers.

He said that the Kornet anti-tank missile system is in high demand around the world, especially amid many countries’ efforts to modernize their armed forces.

In addition to the Kornet, Russia’s S-400 air defense system and the Pantsyr-S1 anti-aircraft missile system are among the most popular with foreign customers this year.


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