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India Approves Procurement of GSAT-7C Satellite for Air Force

India’s defense ministry has approved a proposal to procure a GSAT-7C satellite and related equipment for the Indian Air Force at a cost of Rupees 2,236 crore ($300 million).

The procurement, approved in a meeting chaired by Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, aims at enhancing the country’s air force’s communication network.

“The procurement proposal of the Air Force was for GSAT-7C Satellite and Ground Hubs for real-time connectivity of Software Defined Radios,” a November 23 government statement reads. “The project envisages complete design, development and launching of satellite in India.”

As per the Indian government, the addition of the satellite in India’s arsenal will enhance the “ability of the armed forces to communicate beyond the Line of Sight.”

The satellite, a new version of GSAT 7A launched in December 2018, allows cross-connectivity between different radar stations and helps in drone operations of the armed forces.

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