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Oshkosh Awarded $591M Light Tactical Vehicle Contract

American military vehicle manufacturer Oshkosh Defense has secured a $591 million contract to produce and deliver joint light tactical vehicles (JLTVs) for the US armed forces.

Awarded by the Army Contracting Command – Detroit Arsenal (ACC-DTA), the contract will require the defense firm to supply a total of 1,669 JLTV trucks, 868 JLTV trailers, and other kits and parts to be integrated into the vehicles.

A total of 125 JLTVs will also be delivered to NATO and allied nations, including Slovenia, Lithuania, Brazil, and Montenegro.

The JLTV is a light utility and combat vehicle capable of performing multiple mission roles while providing improved protection to military personnel. It is designed for mobility and reliability to ensure effective tactical transport to and from the battlefield.

According to Oshkosh vice president and general manager George Mansfield, the company takes pride in designing and producing a versatile platform like the JLTV that can survive the extreme demands of future combat.

“That’s what we do and what we’ve been doing for decades,” he said in a press release. “And Oshkosh’s vast tactical wheeled vehicle experience, expertise, and know-how grows with every vehicle that comes off our production line.”

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