Northrop Demonstrates Mini-CNI System

American defense firm Northrop Grumman has demonstrated its mini Communications, Navigation, and Identification (CNI) system for use in supporting US Army multi-domain operations.

The system features autonomous fault detection and system reconfiguration capabilities. It also has resilient “sensor-to-shooter” links, which provide improved frequency agility and spectral awareness.

The small, lightweight, high-powered system features modular open systems approach architecture, allowing operators to adapt quickly to mission demands.

According to Northrop Grumman communications solutions vice-president Jenna Paukstis, the mini-CNI system will help the US military in its bid to modernize and upgrade its network.

She explained that the system provides many operational benefits, such as enhancing the military’s joint and coalition interoperability.

Northrop said it will continue to upgrade the system in 2022, integrating improved capabilities such as advanced low probability of intercept and new MOSA functions.

Northrop Grumman’s Freedom Radios provide open architecture, platform agnostic, cyber-secure solutions to support a wide range of integrated communications and networking mission functions across domains.
Northrop Grumman’s Mini-CNI offering is designed to deliver multiple networked advantages for today’s warfighters, enabling data as a strategic advantage in JADC2 operations. Image: Northrop Grumman

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