Rheinmetall to Acquire German Drone Manufacturer EMT

Defense and technology firm Rheinmetall has announced that it is acquiring fellow German company and unmanned aerial vehicle manufacturer EMT.

As part of the company’s digitization strategy, the takeover will reportedly provide improved security and dependability for military customers regarding equipment maintenance and continued development.

The acquisition is expected to bolster Rheinmetall’s core technology capabilities, enhancing its networked digital communications and reconnaissance offerings to the German armed forces and other nations.

“The transaction reflects Rheinmetall’s strategy of expanding its portfolio of systems and equipment to meet the complete needs of its military customers,” the defense firm said in a press release, adding that the strategy ensures that critical defense technology will be maintained in Germany.

Although both companies have already signed the agreement, the takeover is still pending the final approval of regulators. However, reports say the acquisition will take effect at the end of 2021.

Taking Over LUNA NG System

EMT specializes in developing and maintaining cutting-edge drones, such as the new LUNA NG reconnaissance system supplied to the German military.

The system is a lightweight medium-range reconnaissance and surveillance tool that features an avionics suite and a fully digital aircraft management system. It can also be fitted with various surveillance equipment, including radio relay systems, electronic warfare systems, land mine and acoustic sensors, target designators, and reconnaissance and observation systems.

Rheinmetall believes that having the LUNA NG system in its portfolio will leverage the company’s expertise in the field of technology and enable it to offer improved C4ISTAR capabilities.

“LUNA NG provides the Bundeswehr with a key capability, making it an important building block on the path to digitizing Germany’s armed forces,” the company said. “It forms the basis for new applications and development activities, [such as] manned and unmanned teaming.”

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