XL Fleet to Develop Fuel-Saving Tech for Tactical Vehicles

Vehicle electrification solutions provider XL Fleet has been awarded a contract by the US Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) to develop a fuel-saving technology prototype for American military vehicles.

As part of the agreement, the company will focus on integrating a retrofit idle reduction capability in the Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV), which serves as the US Army’s standard two-and-a-half to 10-ton trucks.

The service currently operates more than 250,000 tactical vehicles, which require significant amounts of fuel to power essential onboard electronics and cooling systems. This requirement results in substantial costs and reduces vehicle range.

The technology is expected to enhance fuel efficiency, drastically lower fuel consumption, and significantly reduce the logistical and transportation requirements of the service’s fuel supply chain.

In addition to the FMTV, the technology could also be applied to other existing American tactical vehicles across a wide range of military applications. Work for the contract will run for 13 months.

‘Step Toward Further Hybridization’

DIU’s Advanced Energy & Materials Portfolio Director Ben Richardson explained that integrating an anti-idle capability into US tactical vehicles could enable them to operate longer between refuelings.

Meanwhile, XL Fleet founder and president Tod Hynes expressed that the recently awarded contract may be “a step toward further hybridization” and electrification by the US military.

It could also help the service move toward sustainable energy solutions to extend the operational range of its tactical vehicle fleet.

“XL Fleet’s proven technology, flexible platform, and deep experience in applying sustainable technologies to fleet vehicles make us an ideal fit for the US military’s specialized needs for this project,” Hynes said in a press release. “We can help extend the operational range of their tactical vehicles while supporting our troops’ safety.”


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