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Northrop Awarded Global Hawk Drone Inflight Rerouting Contract

The US Air Force has contracted the Northrop Grumman Corporation for a Global Hawk drone dynamic inflight rerouting capability upgrade by 2023.

The software upgrade, known as Dynamic Mission Operations (DYNAMO), will enable drone operators to better respond to mid-mission dynamics and increase the aircraft’s “ability to provide critical intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance data to geographic combatant commanders.”

Vice president and general manager at Northrop Grumman autonomous systems, Jane Bishop, stated that DYNAMO is part of Global Hawk modernization efforts, which include the Ground Station Modernization Program, to “reinforce the weapon system’s ability to monitor and deter near-peer and peer threats around the globe.”

Global Hawk Modernization Program

Northrop conducted the Global Hawk’s first flight under the program last December. 

The program involves upgrading the drone’s human-machine interface and software, enabling operators to fly “all Global Hawk variants without software or configuration changes, simpler maintenance interfaces, and improved situational awareness and environmental conditions for pilots and sensor operators.” 

The upgrade includes “system security enhancements” to protect the aircraft’s vital capabilities against cyber threats.

According to Bishop, “These upgrades will make Global Hawk even more valuable in a future Joint-All Domain Command and Control environment.” 

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