Russia to Develop Air-Droppable Tornado-G Rocket Launcher

Russia’s Splav Research and Production Association will develop an air-droppable version of the 122mm Tornado-G multiple launch rocket system for use by Russian paratroopers.

According to the Rostec-associated defense manufacturer, the rocket system will be modified and mounted on a new chassis before being supplied to Russian airborne troops.

Chief executive Alexander Smirnov stated that his team is ready to begin designing and manufacturing the air-droppable system. However, the defense ministry will make the final decision.

About the Tornado-G

Derived from the Grad launch rocket system, the Tornado-G can deliver automatic fire from unprepared positions, allowing operators to quickly open fire against enemy positions and switch the artillery system to travel mode.

The weapon system has reportedly been upgraded to make it more powerful and efficient than previous Russian rocket launchers. The operating crew has also been reduced from six to three.

The Tornado-G can fire various rockets, including the 9M538, the 9M539, and the 9M541. These rockets can carry high-explosive and anti-personnel warheads for more effective strikes.

“Currently, the Tornado family consists of 122mm Tornado-G and 300mm Tornado-S multiple rocket launchers,” Smirnov told the state-owned TASS. “The Tornado-G and Tornado-S systems adopted for service have proven their worth as highly effective and reliable weapons that meet the highest requirements today.”

Russian Smart Rockets

The Splav Research and Production Association has recently launched the serial production of its latest smart rockets for the 300mm Tornado-S multiple launch rocket system. Capable of firing both single and multiple rockets from 12 launch tubes, the weapon can engage targets at a range of 120 kilometers (74 miles).

Smirnov said a long-term contract has already been signed with the Russian Defense Ministry, confirming production and delivery of the rockets to the Russian military.

The company is also developing new projectiles for the Smerch multiple launch rocket system to undergo preliminary trials.


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