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Raytheon Wins $340M Cobra King Radar Maintenance Contract

The US Department of Defense (DoD) has awarded Raytheon Intelligence & Space a $340 million mobile sensors operations and maintenance contract for the Cobra King maritime radar system installed on the US Navy’s Howard O. Lorenzen vessel.

The mobile radar suite’s S- and X-band phased arrays help the radar collect large volume and high-resolution data about missile and space launches for the DoD, the Missile Defense Agency, and other government agencies.

The DoD uses the system to conduct treaty monitoring and verification activities and to provide data for comparison with other sources during domestic ballistic missile tests.

Cobra Program Contract

The Air Force Technical Applications Center-operated Cobra King replaced the Cobra Judy system, installed on the US Navy’s Observation Island ship, in 2014. The Cobra Judy had been in service since 1981. Other platforms of the Cobra program are the Cobra Ball (airborne tracker) Cobra Dane (stationary array) and Cobra Shoe (overseas antenna site). 

This is the second mobile sensors contract Raytheon has secured in less than three years. In February 2019, the company clinched a $128 million contract to operate and maintain the Cobra King and the Gray Star radar aboard the USNS Invincible.

Bob Williams, vice president of Global Training and Logistics for Raytheon Intelligence & Space, said that “Raytheon Intelligence & Space helps operate the complex system.”

“We provide the support the DoD needs to keep the radars of the Mobile Sensors program operational 24/7/365.” The contract work is expected to be completed by October 2031. 

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