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Edge Group Secures $3.8B in UAE Military Contracts

Two units of Emirati defense conglomerate Edge Group secured separate military contracts totaling 14.2 billion Dirhams ($3.8 billion) during the Dubai Airshow 2021.

The group’s Gal aircraft solutions entity has been awarded a contract of 11 billion Dirhams ($2.9 billion) to provide the United Arab Emirates Air Force and Air Defence (AFAD) units with specialized support services, as well as maintenance, repair, and overhaul of military equipment.

As part of the three-year contract, Gal will support the AFAD with its combat and operational readiness while enhancing soldiers’ safety and flexibility.

Edge Group unit Halcon, which manufactures precision-guided weapons, has been awarded a contract worth 3.2 billion Dirhams ($871 million) to supply the armed forces with its Thunder and Desert Sting range of precision-guided munitions.

“It is with a great sense of responsibility for having been entrusted with this undertaking that we move ahead in confidence that the performance of our systems will fully justify the UAE Armed Forces’ trust in us,” Halcon CEO Saeed Al Mansoori said, as quoted by Khaleej Times.

Unveiling New Drones, Weapons System

Edge Group unveiled its new QX-5 and QX-6 vertical-takeoff-and-landing drones and precision-guided munition system during the five-day bi-annual event.

An upgrade of the QX-4 kamikaze drone, the QX-5 can perform various missions, including intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance. It reportedly has 16 hours of flight time and a 25-kg (55-lb) payload capacity.

QX-4 loitering munition developed by ADASI, part of the Platforms & Systems cluster within Edge Group. Photo: ADASI

Meanwhile, the QX-6 features autopilot and communications systems, allowing it to perform surveillance missions autonomously. It can also deliver cargo of up to 150 kgs (330 lbs) to remote locations.

Edge Group has also introduced its cost-effective, highly-precise guided munition system dubbed the Rash 2-H to the public. According to the manufacturer, the weapons system can swiftly engage small to medium-sized threats.


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