British Army Witnesses Jet Suit Combat Potential

Founder and chief test pilot of Gravity Industries Richard “Jet Man” Browning demonstrated the combat potential of a jet suit developed by the UK-based human flight technology company.

British army officials and personnel were on hand to witness the display during the recent Army People Conference in Farnborough, as Browning took off and landed on a jeep using the state-of-the-art flying suit. He then flew onto a balcony, dazzling onlookers with the capabilities of his invention.

The jet suit is reportedly capable of flying at 80 miles (128 kilometers) per hour at a maximum altitude of 12,000 feet (2.6 kilometers).

According to a spokesman for the Royal Army, the equipment successfully demonstrated its potential combat capability. The display could also help the armed forces understand whether the jet suit could be of use on various military operations in the future.

“Innovation and technological advance, two of the main drivers at the Army’s People Conference 21 being held at Farnborough International Conference Centre, were remarkably demonstrated as the conference opened with a capability display flight by Richard Browning wearing a gravity-defying jet suit,” the spokesperson said.

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