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Russian Navy Tests Underwater Robots to Secure Naval Bases

The Russian Navy is testing marine robots capable of underwater monitoring to secure civilian and naval bases, Izvestia reported, citing sources within the country’s defense ministry.

According to the Moscow-based outlet, the unmanned devices will be deployed for mine detection and inspection of ships, submarines, and underwater structures.

The navy’s Counteraction Underwater Diversionary Forces and Facilities (PDSS) are testing the devices, capable of functioning autonomously as well as by remote control.

The DIABAS Underwater System

Rear Admiral Vsevolod Khmyrov explained that “the arrival of robotic systems that can illuminate the situation is necessary,” adding that the robots would also have offensive capabilities to neutralize mines and other underwater threats.

Afterward, the outlet referred to a “hydroacoustic anti-sabotage” system (DIABAS) it had reported on earlier to be deployed at naval bases. Without clarifying whether the DIABAS is the aforementioned marine robot, the outlet stated that the DIABAS provides target designation to special forces on guard at facilities, adding that the system can classify intruders and describe types of equipment to alert soldiers.

The system consists of a container with sonars, cameras, and other monitoring equipment.

Additional Sabotage-Detection Equipment

Apart from the unmanned device, the PDSS also recently received two speed boats equipped with a system that creates 3D seabed models in real-time. The “Grachonok” and “Raptor” help special forces detect “saboteur divers, as well as camouflaged mines and drones.”

The system includes an unmanned aerial vehicle that can scan underwater at a depth of several meters. 

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