Colorado-Based Company Unveils ‘Intelligent’ Fire-Control Systems

A Colorado-based precision targeting systems manufacturer recently unveiled a suite of “semi-autonomous” fire-control systems, claiming to increase “hit probability.”

The AimLock suite, based on a weapon stabilization system, can be fitted onto a range of weapons including “light, medium, and heavy machine guns, as well as small-caliber and medium-range rifles and carbines.”

The system, fitted inside an exoskeleton, uses the company’s proprietary CORE precision targeting computer system to “semi-autonomously detect, classify, and track targets all while automatically calculating the best firing solutions,” AimLock explained. The company added that the system thereafter locks on to the target, even if it’s moving, helping the user to shoot quicker.

The AimLock MRR is a lightweight, stabilized, auto-targeting chassis designed for use with existing automatic/semi-automatic medium-range rifles. Image: AimLock

Autocorrects Gun’s Direction

The system’s computer simultaneously tracks the target and the gun’s aim, and uses actuators to autocorrect the gun’s direction every time it strays.

AimLock’s president and CEO Bryan Bockmon detailed that “shooting moving targets is difficult and requires great skill, but shooting moving targets while you’re also on the move is nearly impossible for all but the most skilled shooters.”

He continued to explain that AimLock’s precision auto-targeting systems make the shots possible in various scenarios, “including shooting a rifle from a helicopter or shooting a remote weapons station mounted on a ground vehicle, boat, or even unmanned aerial and ground systems.” He said this advantage could help reduce casualties on the battlefield.

R-S1 miniature stabilized remote weapons station. Image: AimLock

Pitching to Range of Potential Users

AimLock is pitching the system to “soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, Coast Guardsmen and guardians” to help them shoot faster and more precisely. 

“Whether it’s helping a squad of soldiers take down a hostile enemy sentry drone or Coast Guardsmen shoot out a go-fast’s engines during counter drug or migrant interdiction operations, our weapons systems will undoubtedly change the course of warfare and homeland security forever,” Bockmon said.


The company has introduced three system versions: the R-M1, R-S1 and I-M1.

The R-M1 is a semi-autonomous remote weapon station designed for medium machine gun weapons. R-S1 is a miniature stabilized remote weapons station, can be mounted to a tripod, small drone, unmanned helicopter or robotic ground vehicle, designed for small-caliber rifle or machine gun. The I-M1, meanwhile, is an auto-targeting chassis designed for medium-ranged rifles.


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