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IAI to Lead Development of Israel’s Future Carmel Tank

Israel’s defense ministry has selected Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) to lead the next phase of the development of the country’s future armored fighting vehicle, the Carmel.

The defense manufacturer won the deal after successfully demonstrating the capabilities of the two-man military combat vehicle that has “as many automatic and autonomous systems as possible” to function as a “third soldier.” IAI edged out both Rafael and Elbit Systems during the feasibility testing.

For the next development phase, IAI will design systems that can be installed in the armored vehicle to further improve its maneuverability. It will also develop new technologies based on artificial intelligence.

Israel’s defense ministry considers the development of the Camel tanks “groundbreaking” because it will utilize an innovative operational concept and state-of-the-art technologies to provide better solutions for future battlefields.

The Carmel Project

Launched in 2016, the Carmel armored fighting vehicle project originally aimed to create new tank models for the Israeli armed forces. However, the objectives broadened as the country’s defense ministry wanted to maximize artificial intelligence capabilities of the combat vehicle.

Through its sensors and cameras, the Carmel enables full situational awareness and fast responses to enemy threats. It also allows users to order autonomous actions, including searching for enemy targets.

In addition to autonomous systems, the vehicle is equipped with tactical drones that can be utilized for surveillance and reconnaissance. It also has a new generation of active protection for its two-man crew.

Another unique feature of the futuristic tank is its ability to locate and destroy time-sensitive targets through fast acquisition and efficient target engagement.

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