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Israel Develops Tech Capable of Detecting Live Objects Behind Walls

Israeli technology firm Camero-Tech has developed a military device that can detect live objects hiding behind walls from over 50 meters (164 feet) away.

Dubbed the Xaver™ LR40, the portable system can accurately identify the presence and number of objects moving behind walls in real-time, thereby helping soldiers in standoff situations or covert operations where safe distance from targets must be maintained.

According to company official Ilan Abramovich, the long range of the new equipment makes it unique and different from other “see through walls” devices developed by other firms.

Furthermore, the system is reportedly so sensitive it can detect the “minutest” of enemy movements, including breathing, to provide troopers with operational advantage in hostile environments.

“There are many potential uses for XLR systems: they can, for instance, be placed inside a designated vehicle that can quickly move from place to place; hidden behind a camouflage net during covert missions; or placed in apartments or rooftops near a target location,” Camero-Tech CEO Amir Beeri said, as quoted by The Jerusalem Post.

‘Wide Band of Frequencies’

Abramovich explained that the Xaver LR40 is based on radio signals with ultra-wideband range, allowing it to send continuous pulses and penetrate through multiple material walls.

However, he pointed out that the technology cannot see through walls made of solid metal where radio signals are blocked.

“This is a physical phenomenon known as a Faraday cage. On the other hand, if you have reinforced concrete where you have rebar, metal net or mesh – we can even penetrate through the small holes in between the metal wires,” he stressed.

Camero-Tech will present the new innovation at a biennial military expo on October 19 to 22 in Paris where over 1,000 exhibitors from 55 nations will be participating.

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