Greece to Acquire Spike Missiles for AH-64D Attack Helicopters

Greece will acquire Israeli-made Spike NLOS (non-line-of-sight) missiles to bolster its defense capabilities and military presence in the Aegean and Evros.

The weapon system will reportedly be installed on the country’s AH-64D attack helicopters, four Machitis-class gunboats, and Apache Delta helicopters.

Acquisition of the missiles comes following the signing of a new agreement with France to purchase several Rafale fighters and Belharra frigates. The move also comes in the wake of Turkey’s provocation actions in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean.

According to reports, the range and accuracy of the Israeli weapon system can turn simple patrol boats into “dangerous weapons” to counter enemy ships on the country’s maritime borders.

Greece would reportedly be spending around 370 million euros ($428 million) for the missiles.

About Spike NLOS Missiles

Designed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, the Spike NLOS missile is a multi-purpose electro-optical missile system that can be installed on a variety of land, air, and sea platforms.

It can be operated in either direct attack or mid-course navigation using coordinates only, and provide the ability to attack enemies at stand-off range with no line of sight.

The Spike NLOS is capable of hitting targets with precision at a distance of 25 kilometers (15 miles).

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