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Thales Unveils Radar for Advanced Drone Detection

Multinational aerospace company Thales Group has unveiled its new Ground Observer 20 multi-mission (GO20 MM) radar featuring advanced unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) detection and ground surveillance capabilities.

Equipped with 360-degree, 3D surveillance technology, the single-mode radar will provide the armed forces with protection from threats evolving at low altitude, including enemy microdrones. It will also detect ground combat vehicles and individuals on foot.

In a press release, the defense firm explained that the new equipment will increase military situational awareness, critical to maintaining a tactical advantage on the battlefield. It also pointed out that many countries have begun investing in drones, causing a significant shift in battlefield dominance.

“Thales continues to invest and bring tactical advantage to forces in the field…” director of Land and Air Systems at Thales, Maja Velimirovic, said. “This latest family member adds a new dimension to early drone detection and provides superior support to forces battlefield supremacy.”

‘Recognizing Threats’

Thales revealed that its new GO20 MM radar combines ground and low-level air surveillance in a single surveillance asset. Its speedy rate of update allows early detection and automatic classification of long-range drones that have yet to pose a threat.

The radar is also equipped with a Venus interface solution, allowing operators to immediately recognize the threat, giving them time to formulate the best counter-drone strategy.

The system’s six-cell battery allows for increased surveillance time, increasing protection.

The GO20 MM radar is designed for easy transport and configuration. Two soldiers can perform a setup in five minutes.

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