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China J-16D Fighter Deployed Near Taiwan: Satellite Image

China has deployed its new J-16D electronic warfare aircraft to an eastern airbase near Taiwan, according to satellite imagery released by Kanwa Asian Defence.

The Canada-based magazine revealed that the fighter was seen at Xiangtang airbase in Jiangxi province. It is reportedly parked in hangars that accommodate advanced warfare aircraft.

A South China Morning Post report states that a military source in Beijing has confirmed the deployment of the J-16D fighter near Taiwan. The source explained that the surge of military activity near the island is part of China’s combat-readiness training.

Earlier this month, 56 warplanes entered Taiwan’s air defense identification zone in another record incursion. The defense ministry stated that it scrambled aircraft to warn the intruders away.

“We demand the Beijing authorities immediately stop its non-peaceful and irresponsible provocative actions,” Mainland Affairs Council spokesman Chiu Chui-cheng said, as quoted by BBC News. “China is the culprit for causing tensions between the two sides of the Strait and it has further threatened regional security and order.”

About the J-16D

Designed and manufactured by Shenyang Aircraft Corporation, the J-16D electronic warfare plane is the latest version of the J-16 fighter introduced to the People’s Liberation Army in 2013.

The warplane is capable of simultaneously neutralizing various types of enemy radars and communication systems to safely penetrate well-defended airspace.

In addition to its radar-jamming capabilities, the Chinese aircraft is equipped with upgraded wingtip missile launchers with electronic warfare pods and two missiles under the central pylons.

The new J-16D fighter was recently introduced to the public at Airshow China 2021.

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