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US Orders Rheinmetall Searanger Naval Guns for Egypt

The US Department of Defense (DoD) has awarded American Rheinmetall Systems LLC a $20 million contract for Rheinmetall Oerlikon Searanger 20 mm naval guns.

The department ordered the undisclosed number of guns on behalf of the US Navy and the Egyptian government. The procurement includes production, spares, and training.

According to the DoD, 90 percent of work on the guns will be performed in Biddeford, Maine, with the rest done in Egypt. The contract is expected to be complete by March 2024.

The Oerlikon Searanger

According to Rheinmetall, the Searanger is a 20mm high precision gun station ideally suited for “small boats for coast guard, police, anti-pirate and anti-smuggling missions.” The company added that the gun can also be installed on larger vessels as a side gun for close-range defense.

The gun is remotely controlled from a gunner station, greatly enhancing the crew’s safety. The weapon’s fire control unit stabilization and hand controllers enable effective target engagement on moving vessels.

It has a modular electro-optical sensor package with multi-function display for round-the-clock surveillance. The gun fires to a maximum range of 2,000 meters (6,562 feet) at 1,000 rounds/minute.

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