US Army Awards Contract for Futuristic Night Vision System

The US Army has awarded a $54 million contract to Elbit Systems of America LLC for the continued production of the Enhanced Night Vision Goggle – Binocular (ENVG-B). The goggle provides greatly enhanced situational awareness, “increased lethality through faster target acquisition and other game-changing advantages on the battlefield.”

The new contract is part of the prior Other Transaction Authority (OTA) contract that was announced in October 2020. The contract could reach a total of more than $400 million, although the army has yet to finalize the final details and timeframe of the contract.

The units for the $54 million order will be produced in Roanoke, Virginia. Delivery is expected through February 2023.

Another $100 Million Contract

In September, L3Harris Technologies was also awarded a contract to deliver $100 million in ENVG-B units. This is the second batch ordered from the company. So far, L3Harris has delivered more than 6,000 ENVG-B systems to the army.

President of Integrated Vision Solutions Lynn Bollengier claims that the advanced capabilities of the night vision system “give soldiers the unmatched ability to identify, assess and engage a target with greater accuracy and speed.”

The ENVG Systems

The US Army Acquisition Support Center explains that the ENVG “allows the individual Soldier to see, understand and act first during limited visibility conditions.”

The device works by combining visual detail in low-light conditions provided by image intensification and the thermal sensor’s capability to see through environmental obstacles.

The ENVG system is also equipped with Rapid Target Acquisition that “enables Soldiers to detect, recognize and engage targets accurately from any carry position and with significantly reduced exposure to enemy fire.”

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