144th Fighter Wing to Train With F-117 Nighthawks

The US Air Force announced that the 144th Fighter Wing welcomed two F-117 Nighthawk aircraft for air combat training missions last week at the Fresno Air National Guard Base.

Fighter Wing Commander Col. Troy Havener acknowledged the honor of becoming the first USAF unit to host the Nighthawks for a week of training missions.

“The training against integrated forces that include the F-117 will challenge and sharpen pilots, as well as build confidence in tactics and systems needed to defend our nation,” Havener added.

FW Advanced Programs Officer Lt. Col. David Allamandola called the opportunity to train with the Nighthawks a “very special privilege.”

“This training offers incredible value for everyone involved and presents new challenges to test difficult tactics in a realistic environment,” Allamandola added. 

About The 114th FW

The 144th Fighter Wing is a unit of the USAF and the California Air National Guard based at Fresno Air National Guard Base, California. The unit has been active since 1943.

The unit’s main mission is to provide air defense to the US, mainly for California from the Mexican border to Oregon.

The 144th FW have flown F-16Cs, F-1D Falcons, and a C-26A transport aircraft.

About the F-117 Nighthawk

The F-117 Nighthawk is a retired aircraft that is now mainly used for training missions. Officially introduced in 1983, the Nighthawk was the first aircraft developed with stealth technology.

The Nighthawk is a single-seater, twin-engine aircraft most notably known as the “Stealth Fighter” in the Persian Gulf War of 1991. It retired from service in 2008.

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