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Indian Army Developing UAV-Mounted Intelligence Device

The Indian Army is working on an intelligence device mounted on an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) as the force seeks to overcome the limitations of manned and ground-based intelligence gathering.

According to The Tribune India, the development of the “Elevated Platform for Gathering Intelligence through Electronic Support Measures” (EMS) is in progress at the Military College of Telecommunication Engineering in Mhow.

The EMS technology can gather field intelligence by “listening” to radio transmissions and electromagnetic radiation. A control center on the ground will monitor, record, and process all information the UAV gathers.

The Challenges of India’s Current System

India’s current electronic surveillance systems are either manned or based in ground vehicles. These methods of intelligence gathering have limitations, however, especially when missions are in harsh environments.

With the new EMS system, the information-gathering device will be more flexible, efficient, faster, and safer for servicemembers due to the use of drones in deployments.

The Indian Army is looking to develop a UAV for this project that is capable of carrying at least 15 kg (33 lb) of payload and has a maximum flight altitude of not less than 3,000 meters (984 ft).

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