Royal Navy Assists Caribbean Islanders Following Volcano Eruption

A group of Naval aviators from the RFA Wave Knights extended help in rebuilding a science station located at the rim of the La Soufrière volcano in the Caribbean.

As reported in a press release by the British Royal Navy, Knightrider from the RFA Wave Knight fleet provided “invaluable” help to the scientists at the station, including flying repeated sorties around the area.

Five months after the volcano erupted, the RFA Wave Knight flew to the area to deliver equipment near the rim of the volcano and escort engineers to the site.

Recent Eruptions

Classified as a stratovolcano, La Soufrière erupted on April 9 for several days and in December 2020.

High Commissioner Steve Moore said the assistance from the Royal Navy was crucial in helping authorities understand more about the effects of the disaster.

Knightrider Observer navigator/sensors and weapons specialist Lt. Connor Osborne said that the experience in helping the engineers in the area rebuild their station was “very rewarding.”

The Wild Knights will stay on standby, ready to respond to natural disasters in the Caribbean until the hurricane season ends.

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