British Royal Navy Welcomes HMS Portland Back at Devonport

The British Royal Navy welcomed the HMS Portland back into service with a ceremony at Devonport on Thursday after the frigate underwent extensive refurbishment and upgrades.

Commander Tim Neild led the welcome, calling the arrival “a new dawn in the history” of the Type 23 frigate.

“In her 20 years of service, she has steamed nearly half a million miles, and delivered world-class anti-submarine warfare operations, alongside many of our key partners and allies,” Neild added.

The ship was “handed over to Bobcock in 2018” to start the refit process, which included the installation of a new Sea Captor surface-to-air missile system, 997 surveillance radar, 1084 navigational radar, as well as 2150 hull-mounted sonar to improve the ship’s anti-submarine warfare capabilities.

The vessel’s computer and IT systems were also upgraded, replacing the original systems from the 1980s.

The HMS Portland

The HMS Portland was first launched by Lady Heather Brigstocke on May 15, 1999. A Type 23 frigate, the craft has been used in warfighting and maritime security operations.

The vessel has a total length of 133 meters (436 ft) with a total displacement of 4,900 tons (4,900,000 kg) and a top speed of 28 knots (50 kph).

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