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Indian Missile Test Vessel To Begin Sea Trials

India’s first floating missile test range (FTR), Anvesh, will begin sea trials this month, Hindustan Times reported. 

Expected to be commissioned within two months, the 9,000-ton indigenous ship will allow missile tests of up to 1,500 kilometers (932 miles) in the Indian Ocean, eliminating any threat to population centers or sea traffic, the Delhi-based outlet added.


According to the outlet, the vessel will streamline missile tests by eliminating the need to issue NOTAMs (notice to airmen) to ships and aircraft in the vicinity. Moreover, it will also allow for “discreet testing of missiles and torpedoes 400 to 500 nautical miles (741-926 km) into the sea.” 

The 200-meter (656 feet) by 60-meter (197 feet) vessel is equipped with “electro-optical missile tracking (EOTS), S-band radar tracking, and telemetry devices along with a launchpad, launch control, and mission control center.”

To Test Ballistic Missile Defense 

The outlet further revealed that the DRDO plans to use the vessel to test phase II of its Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD) interceptor missiles. The two-tier missile defense system intercepts incoming missiles at both higher and lower levels in the atmosphere. 

According to Hindustan Times, Anvesh will allow live BMD tests, not only simulations, allowing test administrators to better gauge missile threats and integrate what they learn into the system. 

Apart from the BDR, the Indian Navy will test a range of missiles and torpedoes from the platform. The Indian Army will also be able to test surface-to-surface missiles using the facility.



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