US Army Tests Next-Gen HMD, Cockpit Technology

The US Army, in coordination with Apache Sensors and the Redstone Test Center, has conducted tests of a next-generation wide-view helmet-mounted display (HMD) to be fielded on the AH-64E.

The tests for the new HMD technology for the helicopter cockpit took place for nearly a month on an AH-64E Version 6 Apache Attack Helicopter for a total of 29.9 flight hours.

A total of 17 pilots participated in the tests, which included familiarization, evaluation, and survey flights. Each pilot reportedly provided “positive feedback on the demonstrated capability.”

Although the demonstration was not intended as a pass-fail test, the results were considered “a great success” by all involved.

The Next-Gen Cockpit HMD

This new HMD technology will enable a complete view around — and even of the bottom — of the aircraft. This new system will remove all visual limitations on the pilot.

With this new HMD, the goal is to improve overall safety and pilot efficiency. Combat survivability is expected to increase while the pilot workload is reduced.

Critical information such as mission data or real-time data will also be displayed directly in front of the pilot’s eyes with the device.

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