BAE Systems Offers Advanced Combat Vehicles to Czech Military

Multinational defense firm BAE Systems has announced the submission of a proposal to the Czech Ministry of Defence for the supply of advanced combat vehicles to the country’s armed forces.

In partnership with state-owned defense integrator VOP, the company seeks to provide CV90 MkIV infantry fighting vehicles, also offering support in their future development.

According to the managing director of BAE Systems Hägglunds, Tommy Gustafsson-Rask, the CV90 MkIV has advanced features that meet all the requirements set by the Czech Army. He claims that the combat vehicle is the best equipment to support and protect soldiers in difficult military operations.

“BAE Systems’ successful industrial cooperation goes beyond the mechanical assembly of the vehicle or the creation of new factories. Our offering is based on Czech defense industries playing a high-value and strategic role in the development, production, training, and support of the vehicle and all its variants,” he explained in a press release.

Gustafsson-Rask believes that the combat-proven vehicles and the partnership of BAE Systems and VOP will serve as the right formula to contribute to the success of Czech’s military modernization.

About the CV90 Infantry Fighting Vehicle

The development of the CV90 Infantry Fighting Vehicle began in 1984. The original variant of the vehicle has been upgraded for greater tactical and strategic mobility, better air defense, anti-tank capability, high survivability, and increased protection.

The vehicle is compatible with a wide range of armaments, sights, and fire control systems for various mission requirements. It can carry up to 11 soldiers, including a commander, driver, and gunner.

The CV90 is equipped with an all-welded steel hull that protects against 30mm armor-piercing rounds. It also comes with a fire detection and extinguishing system, as well as full nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) protection.

The MkIV variant features the most recent turret configuration for increased capabilities and is equipped with the latest sensors and active survivability systems.

At present, nearly 1,300 CV90s are used by countries such as Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.

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