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South Korea’s Hanwha to Develop Smartphone-Based Combat System

South Korea has penned a 15 billion Korean won ($12.9 million) contract with defense contractor Hanwha Systems to develop a smartphone-based individual combat order and visualization system for the country’s military.

The state-of-the-art program will utilize smartphones to relay combat orders, situation updates, and other mission information in real-time across all team or unit members and commanders.

The system will also link a soldier’s weapon sight to a mobile device, providing better situational awareness and reducing the risk for soldiers in certain situations.

How it Works

Hanwha will develop the system and deliver it by 2024 for use by the South Korean Army, Navy, and Marine Corps. Testing and evaluation will be conducted before officially issuing it to the forces.

The system will enable soldiers and commanders to share images, voice messages, video, data, and documents in real-time, allowing for greater efficiency in information management and dissemination.

Hanwha also said that it plans to construct the program using an open-source architecture.


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