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US State Department Clears $258M Arms Sale to South Korea

The United States Department of State has approved the sale of precision-guided munitions and related equipment to South Korea in a deal worth $258 million.

Specifics of the sale include weapons such as Joint Direct Attack Munition Guidance Kits, DSU-42/B Detectors, and Laser Illuminated Targets for the GBU-56. It also includes weapon spare parts, weapons training aids, and logistics and support services.

The potential sale is expected to “improve the Republic of Korea’s capability to meet current and future threats by increasing available stores of munitions on the Korean Peninsula in support of Alliance Operations Plans, as well as to fulfill conditions outlined by the Condition-Based Operational Control Transition Plan.”

It’s now waiting for congressional approval, after which South Korea can negotiate both price and quantity.

US-South Korea Military Relations

The US and South Korea have had an excellent military relationship for years, with the two nations working together regularly.

In April, the armed forces of South Korea delivered electrical equipment and construction materials to a US missile shield base located in the central town of Seongju amid protests by residents.

North Korea also continually expresses its disapproval of the relationship, especially joint military exercises between the countries.

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