Russia Unveils Visual-Optical Blinding Weapon ‘Lyutik-N’

Russia unveiled its new non-lethal neutralizing weapons system, the Lyutik-N visual-optical interference blinding station, on Tuesday. The weapon was showcased as part of the Army 2021 International Military-Technical Forum.

Vyacheslav Mikheyev, CEO of weapon manufacturer the Vega Company, told TASS that the demand for non-lethal neutralizing weapons paved the way for the Lyutik-N.

“We expect this product to trigger the interest of law enforcement, security, and defense agencies and are ready to produce up to 20,000 stations a year,” he added.

The Lyutik-N

The Lyutik-N visual-optical interference blinding station is a system that can be mounted either on a helmet or an armored shield. It acts to neutralize aggressors without the need for deadly force.

Based on the first demonstration at the Army 2021 forum, the Lyutik-N can temporarily blind enemies, even those with optical sight guns, at a distance of up to 100 meters.

The Lyutik-N uses a powerful radiant light with extreme brightness of up to 90 lm/W to achieve this effect. This modular light produces a blinding effect on the enemy, temporarily immobilizing them. The weapon can be used in active mode for up to 85 minutes.

The system is enclosed in an anti-shock sealed container, allowing use in temperatures of -40C to 40C (-40F to 104F).


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