Leonardo DRS Link-22 SPC Completes Interoperability Testing

The Leonardo DRS Link-22 Signal Processing Controller (SPC) has recently completed its formal interoperability testing, according to the system manufacturer. The test was done as part of the NATO Improved Link Eleven (NILE) Link-22 Network.

Larry Ezell of Leonardo DRS referred to the Link-22 SPC system as a “fully-compliant solution to our allies around the world.” The company collaborated with the NILE team to complete all testing for future system requirements.

“These systems are positioned for current and emerging mission requirements and the signal processor controllers ensure U.S. and allied forces have the best long-haul communications and situational awareness possible,” Ezell added

With the completion of the interoperability test, the Link-22 SPC is now eligible for full interoperability with all NATO and allied partners supporting operations and exercises in the INDOPACOM theater.

So far, there have been 1,100 Link-22-capable SPCs, and over 3,000 Link-11 data terminal sets have been delivered or deployed all over the world.

The Leonardo DRS Link-22 SPC

Leonardo DRS describes its Link-22 system solution as “well-positioned for current missions and primed to accept additional missions due to its abundance of spare memory and additional processing power.”

The Link-22 data link solutions are used in shore support facilities, destroyers, frigates, submarines, and aircraft systems. All units and technologies have met NATO requirements for HF and UHF fixed frequency SPC operation.

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