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Turkey Unveils Serial Production Version of Kaplan MT Tank at IDEF-2021 

Turkish defense manufacturer FNSS unveiled the serial production version of its Kaplan MT/Harimau medium tank at the 15th International Defense Fair (IDEF-2021) in Istanbul this week, according to Shepherd News.

The unveiling happened after the tank, jointly developed by FNSS and Indonesian state-owned defense firm PT Pindad, completed the “design perfection process,” Defense Blog reported, citing FNSS.

Changes From Prototype Version

In its serial production configuration, Kaplan featured several changes from its prototype version.

The changes included a “redesigned front end and a relocated driver position,” Shepherd News revealed.

Eighteen Tanks for Indonesian Army

The serial production contract was signed after prototype tests, including endurance and firing trials.

According to the contract, a total of 18 tanks will be produced for the Indonesian Army. The first 10 vehicles will be manufactured at the FNSS facility in Turkey and the remaining eight in Indonesia, according to Asian Military Review. Vehicle delivery will be completed this year.

The KAPLAN MT is Turkey’s first medium tank to be exported. 


The 35-ton tank is equipped with a 105 mm two-man turret, smoke grenades, and a coaxial 7.62 mm machine gun. Its lightweight and maximum speed of 70 km/ hour (43 miles/ hour) make it ideal for “tropical operating areas such as forests,” PT Pindad stated on its website.

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