Rheinmetall Demos Mission Master Unmanned Ground Vehicle Modules

Rheinmetall conducted a series of demonstrations in which two of its new Mission Master SP Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicles (A-UGVs) carried sensors and weapons systems from Spanish engineering company Escribano Mechanical & Engineering (EM&E).

In the first demo, a Mission Master SP – Fire Support was equipped with the Escribano Guardian 2.0 Remote Weapon Station.

In the second, a Mission Master SP – Surveillance was equipped with the Escribano OTEOS sensor package. 

During the demonstration, the Surveillance detected a threat and automatically shared its location with the Mission Master SP – Fire support. This then triggered a “slew-to-cue” from the Fire Support. Other showcased control modes included follow-me, autonomous navigation, and convoy modes.

Mission Master SP

Rheinmetall describes the Mission Master as “a unique family” of A-UGVs “designed to support military troops in dangerous missions, difficult terrain, and hostile weather conditions.”

The vehicle is mostly used for reconnaissance and surveillance operations. It can also be used for tactical overwatch, fire support, medical evacuation, CBRN detection, communication relay, and other operations that may require the use of an A-UGV.

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