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Lockheed Awarded $62M Air Force Parachute Landing System Contract

Lockheed Martin has been awarded a $62.2 million contract to supply the US Air Force with parachute and drag chute systems for its F-35 Lightning II fighters.

The contract includes 190 parachutes and 56 drag chute systems to be delivered on or before September 2025.

Similar to conventional parachutes, the drag chute system slows the F-35A on landing, providing control and stability for pilots. The wind force employed allows the aircraft to land safely on short, wet, or icy runways.

All contracted work will take place in Fort Worth, Texas.

Additional $37 Million Contract

Lockheed Martin has also been contracted to provide special tooling and test equipment for the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter. The $67 million agreement will reportedly fill second source canopy tooling and other capacity gaps for the navy, marines, and air force.

Work for the order will be performed in California, Texas, and Melbourne, Australia. The contract is expected to be complete by August 2023.


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