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Israeli Navy to Receive Four Upgraded Patrol Vessels

Israel Shipyard is supplying four Shaldag MK V fast patrol vessels to the Israeli Navy, the shipbuilder announced Wednesday.

The latest version of the Shaldag offers the navy “upgraded security mission capabilities,” the manufacturer added.

The navy currently uses a range of Israel Shipyards-built boats such as Shaldag MK III and the Sa’ar 4 and Sa’ar 4.5 fast attack missile vessels for seakeeping.

Shaldag MK V 

The Shaldag MK V has an all-aluminum body and uses water jet propulsion to reach over 40 knots (74 kilometers or 46 miles per hour). The 95-ton vessel can accelerate from zero to maximum speed in less than a minute, Israel Shipyards revealed.

The craft is also very maneuverable, with a turning diameter of 150 meters. 

Larger Payload

The vessel features a higher “firepower-to displacement ratio,” allowing it to carry a larger payload.

Its payload contains “advanced, lightweight weapon systems, navigation systems, and combat management systems.”

Can Operate in Shallow Waters

Another feature of the vessel is its minimal draft, the distance between the waterline and the bottom of the ship’s hull. The craft’s lower draft allows it to operate in shallow waters.

Israel Shipyards revealed that the vessel is currently protecting exclusive economic zones (EEZs) and coastal waters.

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