Russia Developing Parachute for Canine Paratroopers

A Russian aircraft equipment manufacturer plans to launch a parachute system for service dogs next year, TASS has reported.

The Technodinamika Group (a subsidiary of state tech corporation Rostec) will deliver the specially constructed parachute to the Russian Ministry of Defense after complete trials.

Parachute Jump From 4,000 Meters

The system, a first in Russia, is designed to airdrop a canine, weighing up to 45 kilograms (99 pounds), from an altitude of up to 4,000 meters.

“A dog can be airdropped jointly with a parachutist or in tandem with a parachutist and a dog handler,” Technodinamika Chief Parachute Designer Alexei Kozin explained to TASS.

Positive Results in Preliminary Trials

Kozin revealed that there have been no “deviations” or “negative results” during preliminary trials, adding that the dogs behaved normally after landing.

Describing the four-legged paratroopers during a jump, parachute tester Andrei Toporkov said: “The dogs trained for the flight and withstood it well. While aboard the aircraft, they looked through the window and examined the ground and clouds. They went through their exit from the plane easily and experienced no problems with their free-fall.”

“With its turns to the left and to the right, the dog watches the ground, and begins to make quick movements with its paws in an attempt to catch it.”

Oxygen Gear Next for Higher Jumps

The system manufacturer intends to develop oxygen gear for the canines to breathe during high jumps of up to 8 kilometers (5 miles).

Russia reportedly has around 6,000 trained canine “soldiers” currently serving in the military, performing tasks such as mine-detection and patrolling.

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