Russia’s Upgraded Flamethrower Ready for Final Trial 

Russia’s TOS-2 “Tosochka” heavy flamethrower will undergo final trials in August, Izvestia reported citing sources.

The trials will last until the end of the year, after which a decision will be made concerning deployment, the Moscow-based news outlet added.

The mobile weapon can cover hundreds of kilometers, burning large tracts of land “in minutes” utilizing thermobaric ammunition. Thermobaric weapons — or aerosol bombs — use oxygen from the air to produce high-temperature explosions.

Tosochka Flamethrower

The system sprays a volley of aerosols toward enemy positions and detonates.

During the “Kavkaz-2020” exercise last year, TOS-2 reportedly destroyed “advancing columns of armored vehicles of the mock enemy.”

Izvestia cited unnamed experts who said that the system is well-suited for grasslands, deserts, and areas with rocky ground such as that in the Middle East and southern Russia.


Russia used TOS-2’s predecessor in Syria, where it was deployed as a reinforcement for the tank and motorized rifle subunits. However, the system lacked maneuverability and speed due to its tracked-based chassis.

The mobile TOS-2 promises to be more maneuverable and has an enhanced firing range of 18 kilometers (11 miles) — three times greater than that of its predecessor.

The upgraded system is also equipped with a better guidance and fire control system. The vehicle speed remains the same as its predecessor at 60 kilometers (37 miles) per hour.

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