British Military Purchases Night Vision Goggles in $16.2 Million Deal

The UK Ministry of Defence has awarded electronics firm Elbit Systems an 11.5 million pound ($16.2 million) contract to provide XACT Night Vision Goggles to the country’s armed forces.

In a press release, the company revealed that delivery of the night vision goggles under the contract will take place over a period of 18 months. Additional orders may also be in the works within the next five years.

XACT Night Vision Goggles allow improved mission performance at night, enabling safe off-road driving without employing the use of headlights, which would give away soldiers’ positions on the battlefield.

“The XACT nv33 NVG systems have already been proven to enhance the operational effectiveness of several militaries around the world and we are pleased with the opportunity to provide this capability to the UK,” Elbit Systems UK President Martin Fausset said.

“The manufacturing and delivery of the XACT nv33 NVGs will create more skilled jobs in the UK and demonstrate freedom of action and value for money to the UK customer,” he added.

UK Modernizing Military

In March, the UK government unveiled much-anticipated military modernization plans to bolster its defenses “across multiple domains.” Officials unveiled a program to purchase more ships and submarines while transforming the Royal Marines into a new unit called the Future Commando Force.

“In the coming years, we will broaden the spectrum of this worldwide engagement even further,” Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said. “Across a vast global footprint, we will be constantly operating to deter our adversaries and reassure our friends, integrating with our allies, and ready to fight should it be necessary.”

As part of the plan, the UK has ordered 14 Boeing Chinook helicopters for $2 billion. These aircraft will be stationed at Royal Air Force Odiham in England.

Chinook helicopters are equipped with a modern airframe, digital cockpit, and an automatic flight control system. They are designed to operate at a maximum speed of 186 miles (299 kilometers) per hour.

The British Army has also procured additional Mk3 laser light modules for 2.75 million pounds ($3.8 million). The device is equipped with a white light lamp, red laser target marker, infrared pointer, and an optional interrogator for friend/foe target recognition.


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