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Iran Shows Off New Underwater Weapon

The Iranian Defense Ministry recently showcased the latest weapons developed by the country’s Defense Industries Organization.

One such example was an underwater pistol reportedly resembling Russia’s distinctive four-barrel SPP-1. Sharp-eyed analysts immediately took to social media, claiming that Iran copied the Soviet-made pistol that fires a bullet specially engineered to strike targets underwater up 50 feet away.

According to Covert Shores, the Iranian version appears identical to the Russian pistol, although the grip and muzzle look different.

Iran’s ability to develop a range of weapons is seen by analysts as possibly “ahead of anything known in the West and matched only by Russia and China.”

Strengthening Defense

Last week, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards unveiled a new combat drone dubbed “Gaza” in tribute to Palestinians standing against Israel’s “invasion and aggression.”

The drone can fly at over 35,000 feet at a speed of 350 kilometers per hour (200 mph) for 20 straight hours. It is also capable of carrying more than a dozen bombs.

The country also test-launched a new satellite carrier using its “most powerful” solid-fuel engine to date. The satellite will execute functions such as communications, navigation, and reconnaissance that are beneficial for the military.

“This three-stage carrier can compete with the world’s current carriers, and has two stages of solid propulsion and a single liquid one,” Iran Space Division Spokesman Ahmad Hosseini said.

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