US Army Releases Footage of ‘Sniper Tanks’

The US Army uploaded a 30-second video showing some uncommon strategies when using the M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank and Bradley fighting vehicle.

The Twitter video features soldiers maneuvering the combat vehicles towards tall trees and dense surfaces to hide while attacking enemies. Their ability to camouflage makes them look like a sniper squad.

The main battle tank is equipped with a 120mm cannon and two machine guns. One of its versions is also armed with a gun that can hit targets within two miles.

“What’s more terrifying than seeing a tank fire at you? NOT seeing it!” the caption reads. “Should we look at making sniper tanks a permanent thing?”

The M1 Abrams tank usually tries to approach targets and utilize its mobility, firepower, and shock effect in destroying enemy forces. However, in the new technique shown by the US Army, the tank will try to look for a vantage point.

US Developing More Combat Vehicles

In April, German arms maker Rheinmetall said it is teaming up with US firms in developing a possible replacement for the four-decade-old M-2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicle. The US Army reportedly plans to deploy the replacement by 2028.

“We will design a vehicle where artificial intelligence detects, identifies, and tracks a target, but leaves the engagement decision to the soldier,” Raytheon Missiles & Defense official Pat McCormack stated.

The army also sent a request for proposals to develop a potentially unmanned ground combat vehicle. “We are looking forward to receiving proposals from industry that demonstrate the realm of the possible as we continue to develop this truly transformational vehicle for our soldiers,” Brig. Gen. Glenn Dean explained.


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