US Army Footage of New Night Vision Goggles ‘Video Game-Like’

The goggles have a larger field of view, making it easy for soldiers to survey the battlefield in dust, smoke, and fog.

The US Army shared footage of how the battlefield will appear as viewed through its Enhanced Night Vision Goggle-Binoculars, showing glowing figures likened to those in the popular video game Halo.

The 45-second video tweeted by Lancer Brigade displayed the tech’s sharp night vision image, allowing soldiers to fire at targets without exposing themselves to enemy fire.

The goggles can also pick out enemies in the dark regardless of weather conditions due to a high-resolution display and embedded soldier wireless personal area network.

“It has lots of settings to where they can adjust whether they want more white phosphor or more thermals,” Sgt. William Williams of 3BCT, 2-506, 101st Airborne said. “So in situations where you’re not getting a lot of ambient light. you can crank the thermal up and really see anything that picks up heat or puts off a heat signal.”

Added Features

The ENVG-B has a larger field of view than traditional monocular goggles, making it easy for soldiers to survey the battlefield in dust, smoke, and fog.

It is also equipped with an FWS-I optic that allows accurate identification and engagement of targets at increased ranges without the need for a laser.

In addition to an “outline view” setting similar to what was shown in the video, the goggles feature a setting that illuminates the night, making it appear as bright as day.

The US Army already has nearly 5,000 units of the ENVG-B. The service has said that more will continue to be produced for additional combat units.

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