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South Korea Ships Equipment to US Missile Shield Base Despite Protest

On Wednesday, the armed forces of South Korea delivered electrical equipment and construction materials to a US missile shield base located in the central town of Seongju.

The South Korean Defense Ministry said it had informed local residents about the plan to ensure their safety while heavy materials were being transported.

The power generator will serve as a replacement at the US base that hosts the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system.

It was clarified that no weapons or other items that will upgrade or strengthen the unit were included in the shipment. “The ground transport is inevitable as those items are too heavy to be airlifted,” the ministry explained.

Shipment Sparks Protest

The recent delivery of non-weapon materials to the US missile shield base in Seongju ran into trouble as local residents and civic activists tried to block the road.

Protesters believe that the shipment was meant to improve the battery system at the base, which they oppose due to environmental and other concerns.

The stand-off was brief, as the armed forces were able to disperse the crowd, allowing the passage of 40 vehicles carrying the heavy equipment.

Three residents were reportedly injured due to the stand-off, and they were immediately rushed to the nearest hospital.

The US missile shield base was built in 2017 in an effort to strengthen South Korea’s defenses amid growing missile threats from North Korea.


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